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*Only Pottery Supply Company that offers a Decal Design, Application and Firing Service  in N.Ireland.

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Have your design, print, drawing or photograph printed as a high resolution digital ceramic decal

The standard sheet size is A3

29.7 x 42 cm,  actual print area is 28 x 40 cm

We offer design guidance or advice if you need it but due to sizing or colour specific orders we would ask you to design your sheets or have someone do them for you on photoshop to send us in the colour and size as you want it printed. This cuts down on errors dramatically and we want to ensure ours customers get what they want. We advise that you fill you printable size area to make sure you get the most of your A3 sheet print area.

When producing your own layouts on photoshop or a like program use the print area dimension as we cannot print edge to edge, any artwork that is full size A3 would have to be reduced to 96%, if your artwork is size specific please ensure that you work within the 28 x 40 cm layout. 

This digital process allows you to have short or large print runs without the high costs associated with conventional screen printing.

Formats Accepted: Any generic .jpg or .psd files, .pdf, .ai (Adobe CC), .eps, if producing artwork with fonts in Illustrator please ensure that you outline all fonts.

We cannot accept Word Documents or Corel Draw, or Microsoft Publisher, however these platforms will allow you to save in a format that we can use, if you are unsure – contact us to discuss which format would give you the best quality.

• Image resolution should be a minimum of 300dpi for the best quality reproduction. 

All orders are printed in full colour and we aim to despatch within 7-10 working days from receipt of your artwork. If you have a specific deadline please contact us before placing your order to make sure we can fulfill this and meet your requirements.  (If you require an additional cost express service please let us know)


The first A3 sheet – £22.00 + vat  each / €24.36 + vat  each

Each A3 sheet after that – £12.00   + vat  each / €13.29 + vat  each

*Minimum order is a single A3 sheet, which can have one image or lots of images depending on the size of your images. Each sheet can be completely different.

The print process uses four colour ceramic process colours (CMYK) Cyan Magenta Yellow & Black, this allows us to produce 256 half tones of colour and you can mix black only with full colour images on each sheet transfers so you are not restricted by having a single sheet of the same image.  You should be aware that ceramic colours are not the same as colours you will get from your desktop printer, the ceramic colour that is used is highly specialised and is only produced in low volumes by a select few worldwide manufacturers.  Its also important to note at this stage that the ceramic object you are applying the transfer onto will also have an affect on final colour and finish quality.  Some ceramic bodies are better than others, as some glazes are better than others so its not possible to predict with any amount of absolute certainly what the finish may be like.  Colour and finish is subjective, however we do not just print images without any thought as to what the final outcome will be and if we have any concerns with your artwork we will always call you to discuss these concerns and offer any practical advice before you spend any money.

These transfers are designed for on-glaze ceramic applications and should be applied to white or neutral coloured ceramic bodies, transfers must be fired at a temperature suitable for both the ceramic body and the type of glaze.

Firing Temperatures

Earthenware Body – Transfer Fire 800-820 °C

China Body – (Thick – Not Bone China) 820-860 °C

China Body – (Bone China) 840 °C

Porcelain Tableware – 840-880 °C

Porcelain Tiles – 860-900 °C

Stoneware – 860 – 900 °C

Standard Wall Tiles – 820 °C

The above are guidelines ONLY, the transfers are stable to 950 °C if you have any queries please contact us.

Colour Limitations

This process uses CMYK (cyan magenta yellow & black) ceramic process colours, these colours produce 256 half tones of colour and there will be some variation to what you would see on a computer screen or any other non-digital ceramic print process, its impossible to predict and/or match any digital ceramic colour to that of a pantone colour or other colour specific method prior to firing, as ceramic body, glaze, thickness of the glaze and kiln efficiencies will all have an effect on the final quality.  You will get a likeness to your original artwork but we will not and do not warranty an exact match to original artwork, any orders for print or bespoke products are accepted on the understanding that you accept this limitation.


As the ceramic colour is purchased in batches and the manufacturer produces this colour in batches its also possible that colour will vary over time and we cannot guarantee that any repeat orders will turn out exactly the same as previous orders, therefore we accept no liability whatsoever for any colour variations for transfers that are purchased at different times.


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