Kiln Firing

Kiln Firing Booking Request Form

*Only Pottery Supply Company that offers a Kiln Packing and Firing Service in N.Ireland.

Please Note this is a request form – We cannot guarantee your selection but we will do our best to accommodate where we can.

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Large Kiln

26″ X 17″ X 25″ (HxWxD)

£24.00 + vat Only fires to Low Temp

Medium Kiln

23″ X 17.5″ X 23.5″ (HxWxD)

£18.00 + vat £22.00 + vat


16″ X 17″ X 17″ (HxWxD)

£12.00 + vat £13.50 + vat

Test Kiln

8″ X 8″ X 9″ (HxWxD)

£6.00 + vat£7.00 + vat

*  Please note an additional fee will be incurred for us to pack the kiln for you

*  Any damages to any of our kilns or shelves will be charged – for example: if your glaze runs and sticks to one of our shelves – you will be charged a fee for the value of the shelf
(To avoid this please ensure correct application thickness for the suited glaze/work, you give us the correct fire temperature to suit the glaze you have used and your glaze is wiped back an adequate amount from the bases of your pieces) 


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