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Giffin Grip Model 10 (Counter-Clockwise/Right-Handed)

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Giffin Grip Model 10 (Counter-Clockwise/Right-Handed)

7023 Giffin Grip® Model 10 STANDARD DIRECTION Anti-Clockwise/Right-Handed Turning and Trimming Tool

Please note:- This counter/anti clockwise model is for a counter/anti clockwise/right-handed wheelhead direction. The alternative model is Clockwise used for a clockwise wheelhead direction (left-handed). Please double check which version you need before ordering.

The Giffin Grip® is a trimming tool that quickly centres and holds pots for trimming on the potter’s wheel. It takes the most frustrating step out of the process, and makes trimming fun! They’ve been holding pots on centre since 1978.

We all know that turning the bottoms of leather hard pots can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Difficulties can occur in re-centring the pot as well as getting the pot firmly secured to the wheel. The world-famous Giffin Grip® is here to solve these problems for you.

After a simple one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip® quickly snaps on and off your wheelhead. The Giffin Grip® cuts turning time in half and makes it possible to turn shapes that might otherwise have been left unturned.

Is the Giffin Grip® just for trimming?
Absolutely not! There are so many uses beyond the original idea of the Giffin Grip®. The Giffin Grip® has been used for trimming (both the inside and outside of pots), slip decoration, carving, waxing, glazing, glaze mixing – the list goes on and on!

The Giffin Grip® Model 10 features the following:

  • Centres and holds your pots with ease
  • Fits all standard wheel sizes, 10-14″ diameter (25-35 cm) – including Shimpos (except tabletops ), Brents and the Rohde HMT500
  • Easy to assemble (see Giffin Grip on YouTube for the assembly video)
  • Ergonomically shaped hands gently hold your pot in place.
  • Works for many functions in addition to trimming, including waxing the foot & banding with oxides.

Box Includes 3 of each of the following:

  • Short (Low Profile) Blue Basic Sliders for centring plates, bowls and lids
  • Blue Wide Sliders which expand the useful diameter to 14 inches for centring larger bowls and platters
  • 2″ & 3″ arms for holding mugs, teacups & casseroles
  • 4″ & 5″ arms for small bottles, pitchers & jars
  • 6″ arms for taller bottles, pitchers & jars
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Giffin Grip Model 10 (Counter-Clockwise/Right-Handed)


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