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  • Sku: 6011
  • Vendor: Ulster Ceramics Pottery Supplies

Whisper S1 Wheel

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Product description

Code 6011

362mm Length X 525mm Width X 630mm Height

Wheel Speed – 0.75hp Up to 250 RPM 550w 220v power supply

Weight – 55kg

Incredible value for money the Whisper S1 wheel uses a ¾hp motor; it has a two piece separable splash pan and large foot pedal.
It’s wheel head is 14” and drilled holes for bat pins are set at 254mm diameter.
The wheelhead is belt driven and very powerful, but quiet and vibration free where it gets its name from.
Variable speeds, clockwise/ anticlockwise.
The machine is constructed from heavy gauge steel pipes and plate.
The wheel head height is 55cm.
The foot pedal is made out of Cast Aluminium.
Centres at least 40kg of clay.

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Whisper S1 Wheel


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