Repairs & Servicing

With over 50 years experience and knowledge in the pottery making and servicing industry we offer
an extensive kiln & equipment maintenance / repair service catering for the North and South of Ireland.

 Individual Makers / Hobbyists 


Schools/Colleges/Training Facilities

Certified 1st Class Servicing


Kiln & Equipment Servicing & Repairs Booking Request Form

*Only Pottery Supply Company that can supply and maintain your Kiln in Ireland.

Please Note this is a request form – We cannot guarantee your selection but we will do our best to accommodate where we can.


Please select your preferred day so we can try to accommodate.
Please select your preferred time so we can try to accommodate.

Fixed Rate Kiln Inspection Fee:
£50.00 per kiln + vat / €60.00 per kiln + vat

Fixed Rate Wheel Inspection Fee:
£40.00 per wheel + vat / €48.00 per wheel + vat

Fixed Rate Pugmill Inspection Fee:
£45.00 per pug + vat / €54.00 per pug + vat

Repair&Service/Tuition Fees – £40.00/HR + vat / €48.00/HR + vat

Please note discounts will be applied where 3 or more pieces of equipment are being serviced per appointment

*Additional Costs Per Service/Call Out:
Travel Rate – £24.00/HR+ vat / €28.80/HR+ vat

*A service does not include parts for eg. elements, thermocouple, contactor etc. These are ordered/made for your specific piece of equipment at an additional charge.
If you already have the parts this will be fitted under the ‘fee’ above

Example Cost:

A Kiln & Wheel Service in Dublin
= Kiln @ €60.00 + Wheel @ €48.00 + Travel @ (€28.80/HR) Dublin is 2.5 Hour – €72.00 = Total €180.00 + vat (€216.00 inc vat)