Repairs & Servicing

With over 50 years experience and knowledge in the pottery making and servicing industry we offer
an extensive kiln & equipment maintenance / repair service catering for the North and South of Ireland.

 Individual Makers / Hobbyists 


Schools/Colleges/Training Facilities

Certified 1st Class Servicing


Kiln & Equipment Servicing & Repairs Booking Request Form

*Only Pottery Supply Company that can supply and maintain your Kiln in Ireland.

Please Note this is a request form – We cannot guarantee your selection but we will do our best to accommodate where we can.


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Fixed Rate Kiln Inspection Fee:
£50.00 per kiln + vat / €60.00 per kiln + vat

Fixed Rate Wheel Inspection Fee:
£40.00 per wheel + vat / €48.00 per wheel + vat

Fixed Rate Pugmill Inspection Fee:
£45.00 per pug + vat / €54.00 per pug + vat

Repair&Service/Tuition Fees – £40.00/HR + vat / €48.00/HR + vat

Please note discounts will be applied where 3 or more pieces of equipment are being serviced per appointment

*Additional Costs Per Service/Call Out:
Travel Rate – £24.00/HR+ vat / €28.80/HR+ vat

*A service does not include parts for eg. elements, thermocouple, contactor etc. These are ordered/made for your specific piece of equipment at an additional charge.
If you already have the parts this will be fitted under the ‘fee’ above

Example Cost:

A Kiln & Wheel Service in Dublin
= Kiln @ €60.00 + Wheel @ €48.00 + Travel @ (€28.80/HR) Dublin is 2.5 Hour – €72.00 = Total €180.00 + vat (€216.00 inc vat)



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