Parian Semi Porcelain Casting Slip

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Code 1102 Parian Semi Porcelain Casting Slip. Recommended firing range 1100-1240C

Parian/Semi-Porcelain slip is based on an English white earthenware and can be used as such at lower temperatures. As temperature increases, specially formulated fluxes produce extra translucency in the body giving it the appearance of Parian, also known as semi-porcelain.

Please note: At the upper end of its firing range, this body takes on a slightly greyish tone. Please also see 160-12041 New Parian Casting Slip.

N.B. Colours may vary due to screen calibration.

NOTE: Over time the deflocculant contained within a casting slip loses its electrical charge resulting in loss of efficacy. This process is accelerated by changes in temperature, and stoneware slips with a higher clay content are most affected. This is an industry acknowledged issue affecting all castingslips regardless of manufacturer but it can be easily remedied by further deflocculant addition. 3-5 drops per 5lt and thorough mixing (an electric mixer is best) should be all that is needed.

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