Clear Casting Resin

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POLYLITE 32032 (Water Clear Casting Resin)

Catalyst is not included with this item and must be purchased separately.

Water clear casting resin designed for applications in which extreme clarity and absence of colour are required.

Castings made with POLYLITE 32032 have the same refractive index as glass. Suggested applications include decorative castings, objects d’art, and biological encapsulations.

Low viscosity, low reactivity, pre-promoted to cure at room temperature when initiated with MEKP Catalyst. This resin contains methyl methacrylate to enhance weather resistance.

Features & Benefits
Acrylic-modified – Refractive Index of Glass
Resistant to Weathering
Outstanding Air Release
Specially Promoted – Short Gel & Cure Times

Please note – Polyester resins are best used within three months from date of purchase.

NB. Prices on Resin & Fibre Glass are liable to change without notice

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