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1600 Castable 25KG

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Product description

Code 8039

Castable Refractory (Refractory Concrete) for boiler linings and kiln linings. For use in locations where temperatures are higher; for example around gas or oil burners and where forced air is being used to generate higher temperatures. For use in the vicinity of ceramics and glass where a low iron content is important.

Main Uses:

  • Lining repairs and for relining commercial / industrial boilers such as straw boilers, waste wood burners, biomass boilers, incinerators etc.
  • Burner blocks
  • Inside ceramic kilns
  • In the brick arch of large steam locomotives

Mix the material with the recommended amount of clean cold water taking care to use clean tools and a clean mixing bucket or to use the bucket which the product comes in. For patching and repairs the material can be applied with a trowel. For casting a burner blocks or other shapes, first coat the mould which is usually from wood or metal with vegetable oil and then trowel into the mould. Compact the material into the mould as much as possible, ideally with vibration if this is available. Cover with plastic if possible immediately after installation and keep covered overnight. Then uncover and allow to dry naturally for 2 – 3 days at room temperature (approx 20oC) before taking out of the mould.


  • Size: 25Kg
  • Max service temperature: 1600oC
  • Colour: White
  • Powder or Ready Mixed Material: Dry Powder
  • Amount of water to mix: 3.5 litres per 25Kg of powder
  • Working Time: 20 – 30 minutes depending on temperature
  • Coverage: approx 1 m2 at 25mm thickness for 25Kg
  • Setting Time: initial set 3 – 4 hours
  • Limitations: As with all refractory castables; Pre-heating is necessary to dry out all the excess moisture which is retained within it. Failure to dry out this moisture before the material is subjected to high temperatures may result in cracking and, in some severe cases, the build up of pressure could cause the material to shatter. This can usually done by running the boiler or furnace on a very slow schedule for a few hours.

Storage: Keep any unused material dry and store in a cool dry place away from children and pets.

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      1600 Castable 25KG


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