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  • Sku: 6104 - QUOTE
  • Vendor: Ulster Ceramics Pottery Supplies

3.5″ Shimpo Pugmill


Product description

Code 6104

L 1025(Including clay roller stand) x W 655 x H 560mm

Weight: 80kg (Pug and roller stand)

Output 400kg per hour

0.25HP (200W) single phase 230V motor

The 3.5” (90mm) nozzle diameter Shimpo features a high quality twin screw design using stainless steel construction for both the main body and screws. Offers newly designed twin augers and a forceful direct gear driven motor for remarkable extruding capability that produces virtually air-free clay and increases clay workability. It features an all-stainless interior for use with porcelain and other light colored clay bodies. The high quality wedging and extruding capacity obtained makes this compact pugmill one of the most efficient and competitive on the market.

Compact easy clean design – Removable stainless steel case allows for easy access to mixing chamber for fast and easy clean-up and maintenance.

Duel safety system – Safety limit switch automatically cuts power to pugmill when augers are exposed. Stop button allows for immediate operator control.

Superior wedging function – Newly designed cast stainless steel twin augers, typically found only in large industrial machines, increases wedging capacity and produces virtually air-free clay

Forceful direct gear driven motor – Provides maximum mechanical force for blending requiring minimum operator effort.

Cut off wire & clay receiving table with rollers – Accessories included to allow for easy bagging of extruded clay.

Pugmills are an important item of equipment in any pottery or studio. Provided that the clay is not too dry, putting it through a pugmill will reconstitute it. Thus the clay can be reclaimed and used again. The pugmill can also be used within reasonable limits for incorporating such materials as sand or grog etc into the clay body. If the pugmill is used fairly frequently and the hopper and outlet nose cone sealed, when not in use, no appreciable drying of the clay will occur and it will not be necessary to clean the pugmill. However, if the pugmill is used infrequently it should be cleaned after use. Under no circumstances should the pugmill be used with dry clay still in its body.

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3.5″ Shimpo Pugmill


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