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  • Sku: 6105
  • Vendor: Ulster Ceramics Pottery Supplies

3″ Vertical Pugmill

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Product description

Code 6105

L 711 x W 609 x H 1980mm

Weight: 123kg

Output 360kg per hour

0.75Kw (1 Hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive 230/ 400v

This pugmill is mounted vertically, creating the added benefit of a small foot print as regards to the space it requires. Yet, due to the design, it offers superior performance over conventional horizontal machines.

The Vertical pugmils are manufactured from heavy, section cast Aluminium castings and have individually mounted auger blades which can be altered to change the configuration. This allows the pugmill to suit different Clays and extrusion applications. The Auger is mounted through two taper thrust bearings and is driven via a flexible coupling from a inline helical geared motor.

These pugmills are most suited to users who frequently recycle larger quantities of Clay than the standard horizontal pugmills.

Pugmills are an important item of equipment in any pottery or studio. Provided that the clay is not too dry, putting it through a pugmill will reconstitute it. Thus the clay can be reclaimed and used again. The pugmill can also be used within reasonable limits for incorporating such materials as sand or grog etc into the clay body. If the pugmill is used fairly frequently and the hopper and outlet nose cone sealed, when not in use, no appreciable drying of the clay will occur and it will not be necessary to clean the pugmill. However, if the pugmill is used infrequently it should be cleaned after use. Under no circumstances should the pugmill be used with dry clay still in its body.

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3″ Vertical Pugmill


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