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  • Sku: 8000
  • Vendor: Ulster Ceramics Pottery Supplies

Fine Casting Plaster Plus 25kgs

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Product description

Code 8000

Fine casting plaster is used in the manufacture of fibrous plasterwork and GRG elements, and in general decorative casting and modelling applications

Chemical composition : CaSO4½H2O
Chemical name : Calcium sulphate hemihydrates
Plaster to water mix ratio (by weight) : 1 LT water to 1.4KG Plaster
Initial setting time (minutes) : 21
Final setting time (minutes) : 28
Wet compressive strength MPa : 5
Dry compressive strength MPa : 13
Brinell hardness MPa : 20
Linear expansion (%) : 0.2
Colour : white
Shelf life (Months) : 3

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Fine Casting Plaster Plus 25kgs

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