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  • Sku: 7300C
  • Vendor: Ulster Ceramics Pottery Supplies

Kiln Shelf Off Cuts

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Code 7300C

Kiln Shelf off cuts

Small cuts are handy for raising prop height or to place under a piece where a risky glaze could potentially run and damage a full shelf.
Strips have been used for dams for glass in a kiln.

Choose from either a bag of STRIP CUTS or a bag of SMALL CUTS

To get optimal value for money through delivery a box can be up to 30kg in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland or 25kg to UK Mainland
– The bags of strip cuts you would get 3 bags per box comfortably with packaging
– The bags of small cuts you would get 6 bags per box comfortably with packaging
– Strips Bags has around 8 strips
– Mixed Cuts bag has 20 rough cut pieces ranging in sizes from approx 1″ – 6″ square/rectangle

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      Kiln Shelf Off Cuts

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