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  • Sku: 4104
  • Vendor: Ulster Ceramics Pottery Supplies

Peacock Green U/C Underglazes- Powder

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Code 4104 Peacock Green Underglaze. Supplied in powder form These underglazes are lead-free, fully intermixable and may be fired at any temperature up to 1260oC. Powdered underglazes are economical and suitable for larger potteries and schools. They should be mixed with our water based general purpose medium in equal quantities by weight and passed through a 200 mesh sieve. This mixture may be stored indefinitely. Shake well before use. We recommend 2100 Low Sol EW, 2101 Leadless EW or 2400 Mid Temp Low Sol transparent glazes to be applied over the underglaze for good colour response. You can use these underglazes for painting, sponging, printing etc. If you need them prepared for majolica work (i.e. decorating with colours over a white tin glaze), then follow the code with the letter M i.e. 4104M.
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Peacock Green U/C Underglazes- Powder

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