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Zircon Grade A Sand per 25KG


Product description

Code 8021

Iron and Steel – Used with chemical binders for high quality steel castings and for critical iron castings. It is also used in core and mould washes to improve surface finish.

Ceramics – Used as opacifier in glazes and frits to enhance resistance of the finished product against water, chemicals and abrasion and as a whitener in porcelain tiles.

Refractories – Used for its high thermal stability and non-wetability against molten metals. Products include bricks used to line steel making furnaces and casting channels for refined steel continuous castings.

Advantages of Using Zircon Sand:

  • Resists metal penetration and reaction with most alloys
  • Does not react with iron oxide = prevent sand burn on defects
  • Low thermal expansion = expansion defects are eliminated
  • Higher refractoriness than Silica
  • Low acid demand value = can be used with all chemical binder systems
  • Low binder requirement
  • Reduced cleaning and machining
  • High specific gravity and high thermal conductivity = castings cool faster than silica sand
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    Zircon Grade A Sand per 25KG


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